5sAUTOMATE Ltd has been established in 2018 as an answer to our joined customers’ needs.

We’ve been running our businesses creating the mood and environment to work with our clients engaging them and giving them support in the fields of production, quality, lean management and widely said consulting services, whenever they’re needed, for nearly 10 years.

We have decided to join-venture our capital and knowledge to support our customers in the new era of production. The time of co-operation within people, robots, cobots and applications. AI, VR and automation of processes needs technical background, process approach, quality system knowledge and understanding of the business. It is all that we have compiled within 5sAUTOMATE Ltd. The company of and for the time of change.

Founder & President - Daniel J. Kowalski

5sAUTOMATE sp. z o.o. została założona w 2018 roku jako odpowiedź na wspólne potrzeby naszych klientów.

5sAUTOMATE - automatyzacja procesów i nowoczesne technologie...

Prezes Zarządu - Daniel J. Kowalski